Alzheimer’s Care in League City, TX

Alzheimer’s disease is affecting more people in modern day society and this has prompted the need for more research in treatment and care for individuals with the disease. Currently, there is no cure for the disease and research is still ongoing to determine how the disease can be fought and combatted effectively.

Various methods of treatment and care have been provided and these two go hand in hand to make sure that affected individuals have a positive and easy experience from diagnosis to the end.  Most of the care and treatment methods are set up by family members as they are the people best suited in helping decide on care services, due to their relationship with the affected individual.

Alzheimer’s Care in League City, TXThere are various methods for treatment of Alzheimer’s. Some include alternative medicine, sensory therapy and medications. These methods of treatment do not cure the disease, but make it more bearable and ease the state of the affected individual. Medication helps to reduce the degeneration process of the brain and give the affected individual extra time to be with their loved ones. The medication used targets specific areas of the brain where the disease mainly attacks. Drugs that are used include Cholinesterase inhibitors such as Razadyne, Cognex, Aricept and Exelon. Sensory therapy also helps in treatment since it focuses on memory senses which are affected by Alzheimer’s. This helps improve the coordination and body response of the affected individual to various stimuli.

Care for individuals with Alzheimer’s covers various areas in their lives such as assisted living, legal issues, financial implications and safety among others. Safety entails ensuring one’s assisted living home is safe and comforting.  Assisted living helps provide care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. They are able to continue with their daily routine tasks with the assistance of professionals who specialize in dementia care.

Both treatment and care are very essential in prolonging the life of an individual with Alzheimer’s disease. They both play a major role in making the person’s life more comfortable and helping them progress with their lives as positively as they can despite having Alzheimer’s. This is very important since it makes them feel inclusive in society and not neglected. The feeling of neglect may have adverse effects such as depression which may translate to advanced dementia. Quality care and up-to-date treatment is thus very necessary and crucial for patients with Alzheimer’s.

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