Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

By the time John was 81, he had done almost everything he wanted to. He was now widowed, though, and living alone. Most of his friends had either moved or passed away and he was feeling lonely.
His adult children tried to convince him to consider assisted living facilities as an option. He didn’t want to hear it at first. Then, over time, they began having discussions with them, posing certain arguments about why assisted living was such a great thing to consider.

Over time, they began to win him over with these arguments. Keep in mind that an argument isn’t a bad thing. We have a tendency to associate ‘arguments’ with verbal fights, but in truth an argument is just an opinion supported by facts. When you have a good argument, you don’t need to raise your voice, and get belligerent, become angry or agitated, or any of those other negative emotions. A good, sound argument should be calm and reasoned.

What helped to convince John to look into assisted living facilities were some of these following arguments.

Potential Argument for Assisted Living #1: You can be safer.

His adult children were concerned for John’s safety at home. He had fallen a couple of times and expressed some concerns about getting up and down stairs. By talking about those safety issues, they were able to show him that the right assisted living facility could actually make him feel safer because he would be safer.

Potential Argument for Assisted Living #2: You’ll make new friends.

Being lonely was a difficult thing for John to accept about his new life. He missed his wife and his friends. He spent most of his days home alone, reading, watching TV, or just puttering around the house doing whatever projects he could without putting himself at too much risk.

When he began to realize there would be other seniors his age, with his own interests, it piqued his interest.

Potential Argument for Assisted Living #3: You can get help when you need it.

There were times when John called some of his family who lived in the area for help. One time it was to take him to the store to get a few items. Another time he needed assistance gathering something from the attic.

He recognized that calling on these family members and scattered friends was putting the burden on them at times. When he realized that staff members at assisted living facilities could help him with some of these basic tasks, it caused him to be interested in learning more about them.

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