Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

Assisted Living Facilities League City TXThat first day you brought up the topic of assisted living with your mother, you assumed she was going to be ecstatic about the idea. You thought she would be jumping up and down for joy that she could get out of her house, away from the loneliness and isolation she felt every day, and be surrounded by other seniors who may very well share common interests with her.

It didn’t go quite according to your plan.

She wasn’t enthusiastic. She was actually a bit nasty. She got angry, raised her voice, stormed around the house as best she could, given her physical limitations, and you were surprised by her reaction.

After a while, though, things changed.

Your mother began to think about this move. She knew friends who were enjoying life at assisted living, right there in her community. She decided to pay them a visit one afternoon and was excited about the prospect of joining them.

It may have caught you off guard, but when your mother told you about this change of heart, you were excited. You live more than a couple of hours away from her and visiting her to help with various things around the house has been difficult, to say the least.

You never expected that she would want to remain where she is. You just assumed she wanted to come and be close to you, her grandchildren, and other family members. That’s not the case.

She wants to go to the assisted living facility in her town.

That’s where her friends are. It’s where she can be surrounded by people with whom she’s comfortable. Her friends are thrilled to call that place home.

Does this mean she doesn’t care about you?

Of course it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to spend time with her grandchildren, either. Your mother has probably been living in this same town for most of her adult life. You decided to move away. That was okay, and it should be okay that she wants to remain where she has been most comfortable and has lived most of her life.

We often want our aging family members, especially parents, moving closer to us when they need help. We want to be there for them, but how can we do that when they live so far away?

When your mother chooses an assisted living facility, respect her choice on where she wants to live. The main focus should always be on her safety and quality of life.

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