Not all seniors need medical or skilled nursing care. This does not mean, however, that they couldn’t benefit from assistance with their daily personal needs. Limited mobility and cognitive issues can arise during aging that do not require medical attention, but can make the fulfillment of regular daily activities more challenging. For those seniors dealing with these issues, assisted living may not be necessary. What may provide the most benefit is a personal care home.

Just as with any other elder care option, understanding what a personal care home is and how it benefits its residents can help you make a decision regarding the continued care of your aging loved one.

What is a personal care home?

This type of home is a residence is dedicated to providing seniors with help performing their daily activities of life. They are not medical facilities, then they can offer support and reminders for compliance with medication and other care recommendations from a residence physician.

What kind of assistance is offered at such a home?

The services that are offered a personal care home vary from home to home, but generally each resident is offered services based on his particular needs. These services can include:

• Help with getting out of bed

• Help with bathing and hygiene

• Help with grooming and dressing

• Help with using the bathroom

• Help with eating and drinking

• Making medication and other treatment reminders

• Doing laundry

• Running errands such as shopping

• Helping with staying in touch with friends and family

• Encouragement to participate in social or recreational activities

• Help making doctors’ appointments and other arrangements

• Providing transportation to such arrangements

How many residents are generally in such a home?

Many seniors are concerned about the number of people that will be living in the facility with them. For those seniors that value privacy, a quiet environment and individualized attention, the personal care environment is ideal. Generally there are no more than 4 to 10 residents in a home, and because couples are allowed to remain together this is the perfect choice for couples transitioning out of their own homes and who need assistance with daily personal tasks.

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