Simply the term Alzheimer’s disease can strike fear in the hearts of seniors and their families. There is a perception that this disease immediately robs a person of their ability to function and that they will require extensive care. If you are the adult child of a senior who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it is important that you realize that your parent is still perfectly capable of having a productive and enjoyable life. Alzheimer’s disease does not immediately take away a person’s capability of interacting or being an active and valuable member of a family or other social group. It simply means that their capacity will gradually decrease in their need for care will increase. By establishing care early in the disease, it can make the transition through the stages simpler and more comfortable for everyone involved.

Personal Care Homes in League City, TXOne of the ways that you can help your agent loved one deal with Alzheimer’s disease is by making their personal care home more like their independent home. This means making the transition into an assisted living situation not about isolating a senior, but simply putting them in a comfortable and safe environment where they can manage their Alzheimer’s disease while still remaining an active part of the family.

Recent studies have shown that seniors with Alzheimer’s disease are more likely to maintain function when given opportunity to spend time with familiar pets and children. Even a senior that forgets the name of his adult children or caregivers on a regular basis may easily recall the name and relationship of a great-grandchild. By spending time with young children and pets, seniors with Alzheimer’s disease are able to enjoy some of the most basic pleasures of life while also encouraging their memory to remain strong and their cognitive skills to continue functioning at a high level.

When transitioning your aging loved one into a personal care home, make sure that you discuss the policy of pets and visitation. Most assisted living facilities don’t have any restrictions regarding when family can visit, but may not allow pets. This may mean that you either choose a different assisted living facility, or bring your aging loved one home with you to spend time with your pets. Simply being surrounded by family and affectionate animals will make your senior happier and feel more at ease.

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