Just because a senior has Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t mean that he is in need of complex medical care or constant monitoring. If your aging parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and needs help with some routine daily activities of life, a personal care home can be an ideal solution for elder care.

Seniors that are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease may have difficulty meeting their regular daily physical and medical needs. This can be as simple as getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, and getting dressed. It can also be more serious such as safety issues or medication reminders. By transitioning into a personal care home you can ensure that your parents will have the help that they need to take care of these daily activities. A personal care home is specifically designed to give seniors a safe and comfortable place to live where they were will receive the discreet and compassionate assistance to take care of daily needs.

In a personal care homes your senior is given a high level of independence and control over their own lives. This is valuable to a senior’s quality of life and emotional well-being. Even when dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, a senior is capable of leading a productive and happy life. A personal care home supports this type of lifestyle. Rather than a nursing home environment which is much like a hospital, a personal care home provides private space into an apartment like living environment that is much more comfortable and individual. The care that is provided is customized specifically for each person so that they don’t feel smothered, yet are also properly cared for.

Another fantastic benefit that personal-care homes provide for senior suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is the ability to maintain their relationships with family and friends without feeling as though they are limited by visiting hours. Nursing homes often have strict guidelines as to when people are allowed to visit, and those that do visit may be uncomfortable sitting in a single room with a patient that is largely restricted to their bed. Instead, personal-care home allows for friends and family to visit in a comfortable home environment. This provides privacy and allows for visits that are much like the visits that they would’ve had in the senior’s independent home. This includes special events such as holidays or birthdays. Families are welcomed to enjoy these days with their loved ones without feeling restricted or invaded by staff.

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