Personal Care Homes in League City, TX

If your aging parent needs help with his daily activities of life such as dressing, bathing, eating or remembering to take medication on time, but is not in need of complex medical care, a personal care home could be the ideal setting for him. Personal care homes offer safe, comfortable environments for seniors to live where they can receive help with daily needs while continuing to enjoy independence and freedom.

Just as with any other topic in elder care, it is important that you understand the benefits of personal care homes, as well as the rights your aging loved ones have in these homes in order to determine if such a setting would be the appropriate choice for your senior. When considering transitioning your aging loved one into a personal care Personal Care Homes in League City, TXhome, keep in mind that he has the following rights so you can determine if the home that you are considering is the best place for your loved one:

  • No discrimination in the selecting of residents in terms of color, race, religion, disability or handicap
  • No use of maltreatment, physical or verbal abuse, intimidation or corporal punishment regardless of the situation
  • No evidence of neglect
  • Treatment with respect and dignity in all situations
  • Right to send and receive mail, and for that mail to be kept private
  • Right to religious freedom and expression of this religion without restriction, including a lack of religion
  • Right to personal possessions and use of these possessions
  • Right to have visitors for a minimum of 12 hours per day, with no “blacked out” days
  • Right to choose his own methods of health care and health care providers
  • Right to leave the home and return to it freely as is described with the individual’s resident plan and the specified and agreed-upon rules of the home
  • Right to safeguarded property, privacy and money
  • Right to access to communication through a telephone that is free for use

Making sure that your aging loved ones’ rights are being properly honored is critical to ensuring the success and quality of elder care. Do not be afraid to stand up for your loved one so that he is able to maximize the benefits personal care homes offer.

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