Assisted Living in Dickinson, TX

Assisted Living in Dickinson, TXDid you know that there are some odd rules with regard to assisted living? Depending on what state you live in, or your elderly loved one lives in, you may have to deal with one or more of these strange rules.

Will any of these rules truly affect the level of care that an elderly resident receives when they are living in that particular personal care home? That depends, but in most cases the answer would be no.

What kind of rules could we be talking about? Let’s explore them for a moment.

  1. No Band-Aids. In Rhode Island, did you know that staff workers at assisted living facilities are not allowed to apply Band-Aids to residents? Yes, this rule sounds quite odd and interesting and while there is a good reason why the legislature in this state felt it necessary to pass this type of law (not even a registered nurse is allowed to apply a Band-Aid to a resident), and its intention was to highlight the level of care that patients should receive, it makes it a challenge for some residents and their families to feel comfortable living in this type of environment.
  2. Developing a care plan is a requirement in some states. In fact, 14 states require that the assisted living facility have a care plan in place for every resident. Some states, like Georgia, require that these plans be put into place within the first two weeks that the resident moves in. It should include what the resident likes and doesn’t likes, the best social activities that the administration staff believe would be ideal for the resident, and more.
  3. Toe nail care. In Idaho, there’s an interesting rule that states that only a licensed medical professional may clip the toe nails of a resident in assisted living who has diabetes. If your loved one lives in Idaho and has diabetes, you’re going to want to take this rule into account as it could increase the cost of their care as a result.
  4. Medication must. Again in Idaho, residents of assisted living communities are required to take the medications that are prescribed to them by their doctor, or run the risk of being asked to leave. It’s a mandate that holds residents to doctor’s orders.

As you can see, there are some strange rules when it comes to assisted living, so in your state, make sure you know about any that could impact your decision (or your loved one’s decision) regarding this level of care.

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