Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

Assisted Living Facilities League City TX

Assisted Living Facilities League City TXAcquiring a lot of things in life can feel great. However, most of us have a tendency to hold onto things far longer than we should. We may have boxes upon boxes of items that are held in the basement, in an attic, or even a storage facility. Many of these things we don’t use for years and years, if ever.

Your mother may have recently agreed to move into an assisted living facility and, as a result, is struggling to go through those boxes she’s accumulated over the years.

She may have a difficult time letting go of these things. She might assume at some point in the future she will need these things, even though she’s never even looked at them in 10, 15, or 20 years.

How can you help in this type of situation?

When people feel their life is being torn away from them or is out of their control, they will likely have a tendency to dig their heels in, especially about things like material possessions.

If your mother has agreed to assisted living, helping her plan for this move may be a process that takes months and months. The best way to start is by going slow, especially if she is adamantly against the idea of getting rid of anything.

Start with a box that may have been tucked away in a back corner of the attic or basement for years. Start with a box she would have certainly forgotten about by now.

You don’t want to get rid of it without her seeing it. You never know what her memory is like. She may very well know exactly what’s in that box, even though she hasn’t seen it in a while.

Sit down with her and go through the items. If they are pictures, photo albums, mementos from another time and place, discuss them. Share memories. Even video record her talking about those things.

Keep some of them, if possible, or encourage her to simply let them go. If it’s still impossible for her to do this, explain carefully and with as much sensitivity as possible that she will simply not be able to bring very much into this new home environment.

It is a process. It may take several weeks or even months for her to come to accept that she needs to let a lot of these things go. What about passing them off on other family members? You can also work that out with other family members to accept some of these as ‘gifts,’ even if they have no desire to have them.

In time, they can be sold or discarded properly, but your mother will believe they went somewhere worthy. Sometimes, that’s the only thing we can do to encourage people to let various items go.

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