Assisted Living Friendswood TX - How to Create a More Positive Outlook on Assisted Living for Mom

Okay, your mother has agreed to consider assisted living, but she’s doing so reluctantly. In fact, you may feel like you’re still pulling teeth to get her more invested in this opportunity for her future.

It’s not always easy to make changes.

Assisted Living Friendswood TX - How to Create a More Positive Outlook on Assisted Living for Mom
Assisted Living Friendswood TX – How to Create a More Positive Outlook on Assisted Living for Mom

Moving is one of the top three stressors in life. It’s right up there with losing a close loved one. Whether your mother has lived in the same place for decades or just a few short months, it doesn’t really matter. She is facing the prospect, at least in her mind, of losing a great deal of independence and that is going to create a negative mindset for her.

There are things you can do to help create a more positive outlook in her mind, at least with regard to assisted living. March is Optimism Month and when you stay positive, even those things you may have reluctantly agreed to can suddenly take on a different appeal.

Focus on friends.

How many friends does your mother get to see, on average, during the week? If she no longer drives and has limited mobility, she might not see very many friends, if any, throughout the week. However, she could have several friends who have chosen an assisted living facility in the area. Soon she could be joining them daily for games, crafts, activities, and simply just hanging out talking.

Talk about the activities.

You don’t want to get your mother’s hopes up falsely, so make sure you are clear on what types of activities take place, on average, throughout the week at the particular facility she is interested in (or that you are interested in for her). Discuss those activities with her. It might pique her interest and get her thinking in more positive terms.

Discuss potential loneliness at home.

Again, if your mother is not able to spend quality time with friends or loved ones where she lives now, she may feel lonely. Ask her about that. Get her thinking about it and talking about it openly, if possible. Then you can be positive as you redirect her into thinking about being surrounded by so many people she already knows and making new friends.

Be upbeat when talking about assisted living.

If you talk about assisted living as though it is a burden, your mother is more likely going to take it negatively. You need to be positive about it. There’s a reason why so many people choose assisted living for their future; it is one of the best senior care options available.

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