Assisted Living Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Friendswood TX

There are many prospects and potential for seniors to do a wide range of things at assisted living. Different facilities offer different activities. Different facilities offer different amenities. One thing many assisted living communities have in common, though, is offering their elderly residents at least something to do every single day.

Does that mean every resident is active?
No, of course not. Everyone is different. Some people prefer to stay active while others prefer to stay within the comfort of their own rooms. Some prefer personal interaction, conversations, and playing games. Others enjoy watching TV and being away from the crowds.

Just because someone is not as active when they move into an assisted living community doesn’t mean they are unhappy. It’s important not to overestimate a person’s inactivity or level of activity and try not to associate that with depression, anxiety, or some other emotional distress.

Why some people are more active than others.
It could be a personality trait. It might be shyness. It could be that this individual has been alone for so long that he or she is not comfortable in social environments. That’s okay.

The staff at these assisted living facilities have a great deal of experience supporting their elderly residents. They can offer information about the activities that may be taking place on certain days, can answer questions, or can give each resident the space he or she needs to feel comfortable and confident.
Some seniors have a tendency to open their doors and leave them open, even if they’re inside. It’s a simple way of telling other seniors in the area who are wandering by that they are possibly receptive to a quick hello.

Meeting people can take time.
If a senior is shy and nervous in certain social environments, it’s going to take time for them to be more comfortable in assisted living. They may have to see the same people day after day, week after week for months before they break out of their shell and begin having a more serious conversation.

That’s okay. Everyone will move at their own pace. Some don’t prefer to be as active as others. Trying to encourage somebody to do something they’re not comfortable with is not fair. It’s best to support any elderly loved one at whatever level they are at with regard to activity and interaction when they move into an assisted living facility.

The most important thing to understand is there is plenty of support, they are safe, and they are surrounded by people who share many common experiences and interests. Time will help them be more comfortable in this new environment.

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