Your grandkids have been sending you their school artwork for years. There’s the paper turkey from Thanksgiving (you actually have 5 of them now, from different grandchildren!), the paper pumpkin from Halloween and all those colored paper Easter eggs! Don’t forget the home made Christmas tree ornaments. They fit on your big tree at home. You showed them off every Christmas and when the grandkids came over they proudly saw their ornaments on your tree!

Now it’s time to move to assisted living, and what in the world will you do with all of those wonderful family mementos? You also have too many framed pictures of family Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TXmembers. There’s no way all of them can fit on your walls in the new apartment at assisted living.

You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. You don’t want to crush your little grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s hearts! So what do you do? Here are some creative ideas of what to do with all that wonderful artwork.

  • Enlist a family member to take pictures of the special artwork from young family members. Load them onto a digital picture frame and put it up in your apartment. When family comes to visit, turn on the picture slideshow for all to enjoy. (The actual pieces of artwork can be given back to the original recipients to save for themselves or recycled in paper recycling.)
  • Give the picture of Great Aunt Sally to a family member who has complimented it in the past. Write down all you can remember about Great Aunt Sally and put it in a page protector; give that to them also. They can hang it on their wall and carry on the tradition of telling more family members about Great Aunt Sally, using your little history you wrote out. The picture will have even more meaning with the little history you took time to write.
  • Keep a current picture of all your children and then give them all the other pictures you have of each one of them. They can keep all those photos in their own albums at home to show their own children and grandchildren.
  • Those antique fishing rods your granddad gave you pass them on to a fisherman in the family to display in their home. If there isn’t one to give them to, donate them to a museum for display.

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