Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TX

When it is time for your elderly loved one to join an assisted living facility, there are going to be a lot of questions that both your loved one and your family will want to ask before proceeding. Here are some of the most common questions that you should make sure to ask in order to make sure your loved one is well taken care of.

Who Will Be the Physician?

Often your loved one will have a physician who they have been seeing for a long time and they feel comfortable with. It is important to discuss with the assisted living facility that you choose if your loved one will be able to stay with their current physician or if they will need to switch to someone else.

What services are in fees?

Before moving your loved one into a facility, it is important to know just what all will be included in the fees. Will they be able to get all three meals a day along with Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TXassistance with medication, laundry services, and other things or are only a few of these services covered. Make sure to discuss this ahead of time before signing any contracts.

Will Medicare Help with Costs?

Many families wonder if the costs of an assisted living facility will be covered by Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare is not covering these costs at the current time. There are some insurance long term care insurances that may be able to assist, but for the most part the financial burden will fall to the residents.

Can People Visit Regularly?

Your loved one will want to know how much they can see their family and friends while they are living in the assisted living facility. Make sure to check if there are any rules in regards to this with the facility that you choose along with figuring out what hours you can come and visit.

Is the Staff qualified to Meet Their Needs?

You and your loved one will be depending on the staff to meet all of their important needs. You will want to ensure that the food is made properly, that they are getting to their appointments, and that they are having the assistance that is needed with their medications. In order to know that your loved one is properly taken care of you must check to see if the staff is qualified. Make sure to check the licensing that is required of all the staff at the facility before considering them for your loved one.

Can Loved One Stay Here for Life?

It can be really difficult to move your loved one around, especially when their health is starting to fade and they have gotten comfortable in one area. This is why you may want to consider asking the assisted living facility if you will be able to keep your loved one in that facility when they need more help or if they will be required to move. If you want to keep your loved one in the same place through the end of their life and the facility you are interested in does not offer those services, it might be a good idea to consider another place.

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