Assisted Living in Friendswood, TX

There are a few things that you should know when you embark on the journey of making senior care decisions for an aging loved one. One of them is that in the beginning you will likely be confused far more often than you are confident about making these decisions. This is completely understandable. If you never made senior care decisions for an aging loved one before, you should not be expected to know everything that there is to know about the senior care industry or its implications for your aging loved one. After all, every senior is different, and it is critical that they receive the level of care and assistance that they need on an individual and personalized basis. This means that when you are attempting to make the best decisions possible for your aging loved ones ongoing senior care, you will need to find ways to confidently and effectively inform yourself as to the various options that are available so that you can make decisions that are best for your senior.

Assisted Living in Friendswood, TXOne of the most confusing aspects of making senior care decisions for an aging loved one is the various and sometimes conflicting language that is used to describe different types of senior care opportunities. It seems as though the language should be uniform as to allow family caregivers to make these decisions more easily, but this is not always the case. One of the ways that this is most obvious is in the language it is used to describe assisted living facilities. There is a critical distinction between assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities are communities established to allow seniors to maintain comfortable, safe individual homes where they have access to care and assistance they need on a regular basis, but also access to social and recreational events, meals, and other activities. The goal of these facilities is to provide seniors with the highest level of independence and freedom possible while ensuring that their medical, physical, cognitive and emotional needs are properly met.

Some of the terms that you may hear used to describe assisted living facilities are personal-care homes, retirement communities, adult care homes, residential care facilities, alternative care facilities, congregate care homes, and adult group homes. Some of these terms have much more negative connotations than others, so it is important that you understand that they are use to describe essentially the same senior care opportunity. The two most common terms of four assisted living facilities are assisted living and personal-care homes. The primary difference between these two forms of senior care is that personal-care homes tend to be smaller than assisted living facilities, and offer less medically-related care. These are an ideal choice for seniors who have difficulty meeting their Activities of Daily Living, and need assistance taking care of these needs and managing other areas of their lives. For many seniors, these are an ideal option for ensuring that they receive the care and assistance that they need, but are also able to enjoy an active and involved lifestyle.

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