Assisted Living in Galveston, TX

If you have made the decision to transition your aging loved one into an assisted living facility, there are many things you will want to know before the big moving day comes. One of the greatest benefits of living in an assisted living facility is that your aging senior will have incredible access to educational, recreational, and social activities. These encourage her to be more active, involved, and productive, which are fantastic for her physical and emotional health. This means that before you choose the facility for your loved one, you should have a meeting with the Activities Director.

The Activities Director of an assisted living facility is the person responsible for arranging the various activities available to the residents so they have the opportunity to be as active and involved in their new community as they would like. Meeting with this person will give you the chance to find out what types of programs are offered and how your loved one can get involved so you are sure you are selecting the facility that is right for your loved one.

Assisted Living in Galveston, TXSome of the questions you should consider asking the Director include:

  • What types of activities are available to residents?
  • Are there limitations on how many activities a resident can participate in?
  • How would your aging loved one sign up to participate in an activity?
  • Are there any special requirements for participating in activities?
  • Are there religious activities or groups offered?
  • If there is a particular type of activity that your aging loved one would like to do is there a way to start a new group?

It is important that your aging loved one have access to physical activities or exercise classes on a regular basis. Most facilities have group aerobic classes or walking groups that help seniors stay in shape while being social. Find out what types of physical activities your aging loved one has access to so you can help her to stay healthy and strong while she lives in this facility. If you have a particular skill or talent that you would like to share with the residents of the facility, ask how you could volunteer. Activities Directors are usually thrilled to have new activities and opportunities to offer their residents. Even if you are interested in only holding one class or a group once a month you can make a major difference in the lives of the residents of the facility.

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