Senior Care in Webster, TX

Are you and your parents in the process of choosing the right assisted living facility? It can be confusing because there are so many choices out there, and they certainly don’t all offer the same things. Writing down the things that are most important to you and then using it as a checklist is very helpful.

Here are some items you should look for in a good assisted living center:


  • Is the facility in a location that is fairly convenient for family and friends to make frequent visits?
  • Are there shopping malls, entertainment services and medical facilities within a reasonable distance?
  • How about your parents’ personal physician – are they close enough in distance that regular doctor’s visits can be maintained easily?

Assisted Living in Galveston, TXFacility:

  • Are the halls large and spacious so that two-way traffic can easily pass each other when walking by?
  • Are the halls and the lobby well-lit?
  • Is the atmosphere in the lobby welcoming and warm?
  • Is the lobby attractive and outfitted with comfortable furniture?
  • Is the general cleanliness of the facilities up to your standards?

Dining Room, Food Prep and Meals

  • Are the tables arranged to make it easy for those who have physical challenges?
  • Does the menu take into consideration the residents’ personal food likes and dislikes?
  • Does the dining room accommodate those with special diets?
  • Can you request a copy of the menu to review it? Has it been developed by a dietician who uses a balanced diet with all the necessary food categories?
  • Request a meal at the dining room and see if the food is tasty and well presented.

Certification and training

  • Are there training sessions available for the staff to attend regularly?
  • Does the center have a current state license and is it on public display for all to see?
  • Is there some kind of license or certification on view in the lobby?

Moving in

  • Who makes the initial assessment of your parents’ needs and abilities? How is the assessment carried out?
  • What kind of paperwork is required prior to moving in and what kind of a waiting period is there to get in?
  • Does the resident have a list of rights and responsibilities they are expected to adhere to? Obtain this list and study it before making a decision.

Other services available

  • What are some of the services available on site? For example, beauty or barber shops?
  • Are there religious services available? Are they listed on the activities calendar?
  • Can residents request services not currently available?

When researching options for assisted living in Galveston, TX call us at (832) 315-3219. Assisted Living counselors at Serenity Gardens are available to talk with you about your caregiving needs while providing better, affordable care for you or a loved one.