Assisted Living in Houston, TX

Assisted living facilities offer seniors safe and comfortable places to live during their retirement years. These are fantastic alternatives to remaining in their own homes as they take the pressure of maintaining a home off of their shoulders and make sure that they have access to the variety of daily assistance that they need to take care of their physical, medical and emotional needs. As with any form of senior care, however, there is always the possibility of a medical emergency. If your aging loved one has transitioned into an assisted living facility, it is important both for your loved one’s safety and your peace of mind that you put preparations into place to protect against severe consequences in the event of a medical emergency.

Assisted Living in Houston, TXSome of the preparations you should make include:

  • Ensure that the assisted living facility has complete medical information on your aging loved one, including a comprehensive list of all prescription medications that he is currently taking, as well as over-the-counter medications that he frequently uses
  • Provide a list of emergency medical contacts, including preferred physicians and members of the family that should be contacted in the event of any emergency
  • Provide a list of any allergies or chronic conditions that may put your loved one’s health at risk on a regular basis
  • Make sure that your aging loved one has an easy to read list of all medications, emergency medical contacts and medical coverage information readily available in his home

It is important that you also prepare yourself for the event of a medical emergency in the assisted living facility. Be aware of all emergency procedures that are in place within the facility, including procedures for individual medical emergencies as well as larger scale emergencies that may impact the entire facility, such as natural disasters, fires or other serious events. You should also make sure that your cell phone or pager is always charged so that you can receive an emergency phone call should an event occur. The emergency contact information offered to the assisted living facility should include more people than just you if possible so that they are able to contact someone even if you are unavailable.

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