There seems to be no shortage of options. Assisted living facilities have a broad range of available activities, and an equally broad range of prices. In order to pick the best one for you, you need to know where your priorities are. You must ask the right questions, and then honestly evaluate the level of care you might require as you continue aging.

Price is definitely an important consideration, but shouldn’t be the only factor. The best strategy is to gather as much information as possible about each facility you are interested in.

Assisted Living in La Marque, TXConsiderations that are factors in your choice

  • Your budget
  • What type of lifestyle they offer
  • The type of property you want – private or shared rooms, apartment-style units or cottages
  • How much luxury can you realistically afford?
  • What about activities and professionals that focus on those with disabilities
  • Flexible meal times?
  • Social schedule

What to do as part of your research for finding the best facility for you

  • Go for a surprise, unannounced visit
  • Talk with people who really live there – not just with the staff
  • Schedule a tour
  • See if you can stay for a meal in the dining room
  • Get a feeling of what it’s like to be around the place
  • Watch for cleanliness
  • Do the staff members interact in a pleasant way with residents?
  • Demand answers to all your questions
  • See how they treat you while there
  • Do they provide rehabilitation services?
  • Are there hidden fees? How does this affect the affordability?

Transportation services

  • One of the most important factors to consider when making your choice
  • If your chosen facility is out in the countryside, what services are provided into town for appointments?
  • If you outlive your driving years, make sure you won’t feel isolated in a remote facility
  • Are transportation costs hidden fees or included in the rates?

Did you know you can actually hire some help to assist you in making your choice? It’s probably worth it to get a professional’s help when you consider the sizeable investment you are making in going into assisted living. It’s an important decision to choose where you want to live, and one that shouldn’t be made hastily or without adequate preparation. Some professionals don’t charge for this service; check and see what’s available in your area. The input of family and friends may also help to make your decision (or it may make it more complicated!) The choice is up to you.

When researching options for assisted living in La Marque, TX call us at (832) 315-3219. Assisted Living counselors at Serenity Gardens are available to talk with you about your caregiving needs while providing better, affordable care for you or a loved one.