Assisted Living in La Marque, TX

When you begin your search for an assisted living home or facility for your loved one, you may come across two completely different terms: a personal care home and assisted living. While you may not know the difference, you need not worry too much.

Basically, an assisted living facility is the more informal term that is used to characterize a personal care home. These types of facilities offer a residential community that provides assistance of varying degrees to at least four people. This doesn’t mean that your loved one would have to share a room or house with four other people, but that the facility, in order to be characterized as a personal care home, would need to provide this level of care to four or more people.

Assisted Living in La Marque, TXWhat is the advantage of a personal care home?

Depending on who you talk to, you will find varying answers when it comes to the advantages of assisted living. The main advantage is that an assisted living facility will provide a high level of support to seniors, usually retired and over the age of 65, in many aspects of their life. The senior resident can partake in any number of activities or can refuse certain levels of care.

The residents are given the opportunity to control the level of care that they receive so that they can still remain as independent as possible, and as independent as their current physical or emotional condition will allow them to be.

A personal care home can be a single larger type of house or home, or an apartment style building with individual apartments. There may be a registered nurse on staff, but this isn’t required. Many assisted living facilities will provide transportation for residents to get to and from doctors’ appointments as well as shopping, recreational activities, and more.

When you begin to look into a personal care home for a loved one, you’ll likely find a wide range of options, depending on the facility that you choose. The most important thing to consider is the comfort of your loved one. While your loved one may prefer to remain in his or her home as long as possible, which is possible with in home care, you may feel that assisted living is the better option for them at this time. Discuss the different options and make sure that you don’t force your viewpoint on your loved one, but rather take their preference into consideration. When you do, and you all choose assisted living, you’re going to quickly realize that it’s one of the best choices you can make.

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