Assisted Living in La Marque, TX

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide comfortable, safe places where seniors can live without the obligations of caring for their own homes, and receive care and assistance that they need to fulfill their normal Activities of Daily Living. Despite the comfort of these spaces, they tend to lack the individuality and personal appeal that is important to many people in their own homes. Creating a cheery, welcoming space for your aging loved one helps her to feel more at home, which is important after transitioning from an independent home into such a facility.

There are many simple ways that you can create a personalized, inviting home for your loved one. Be sure to check with the administration of the assisted living facility so you understand the rules and regulations regarding decoration of the individual units within the facility. While some assisted living facilities allow for essentially free-reign Assisted Living in La Marque, TXover decorating these spaces, others have strict guidelines that must be followed.

Consider the following tips for creating a cheery space for your loved one:

  • If you are permitted to, paint the home in your loved one’s favorite colors. If the space is small, you may want to consider painting only one wall as an accent. This will give the impression of the color without becoming overwhelming in the small space.
  • Hang attractive paintings that add color and visual appeal to the rooms of the home.
  • Place family pictures throughout the space. Use eclectic frames to add a sense of whimsy and hominess. Matching frames are a lovely way to make a space look tied together, but can result in a stiff, formal look that is not conducive to a relaxing, casual home.
  • Choose a color theme for the kitchen area and use it in accessories and details such as the hand towels, appliances, countertop utensils and decorative elements.
  • If the facility was already furnished, personalize the space with throws and pillows in a color or pattern that your senior loves.

Remember that living in an assisted living facility does not mean your loved one does not enjoy sprucing up her home for holidays and special events. Find cute holiday decorations that don’t take up much space and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the assisted living facility, such as not having open flames.  Add these decorative elements to the home throughout the year to keep her in spirit of the different holidays. Don’t forget to add a wreath, door hanger or other decorative touch to the outside of your loved one’s door to bring personality to her home from the moment guests arrive.

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