Assisted Living in Kemah, TX

Pets are important members of the family for many seniors, and when the idea transitioning into an assisted living facility means the prospect of having to leave that beloved pet behind, many seniors will feel reluctant to make this change. Most assisted living facilities do not allow pets, so if your aging loved ones are in need of the care and security of an assisted living facility, but have a pet, they will need to separate from this pet. This can be an extremely difficult process for your parents, it is important that you respect their feelings and help them to get through this transition as comfortably as possible. This can mean helping them to find a new home for the pet, or even offering Assisted Living in League City, TXto take the pet in yourself. Knowing that the animal that they love so much is going to have a safe and happy home can make it much easier for your aging loved one to settle into their own new surroundings.

As soon as you start thinking about the prospect of assisted living for your aging loved ones, make sure that you help them to understand that they will need to separate from their pet. Give them the opportunity to talk to you about how this makes them feel, and to tell you what types of arrangements they would like to be made for their animal. They may already know of a friend or family member that would happily take in their pet, and that would make them feel confident and comfortable about the well-being of their animal. If it is an option for your home, offer to adopt the animal yourself. This can give you the opportunity to bring the animal in to visit your loved ones if this is allowed by the facility, or bring your parents to your home to visit regularly.

Assisted living may not be the only option for senior care that is available for your aging loved ones. Consider the option of home care. A home care companion can provide consistent care throughout the day for your parents, and also help them to take care of their pet so both of them can live long and happy, healthy lives.

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