Making room in your apartment and in your life for house plants can give you a new purpose, a new hobby. Plants do more than liven up the living space; they also deliver fresh, purified oxygen to the room.

Cut flowers are nice in that they look lovely, have bright and cheerful colors, and can be purchased fresh each time they start to die off. But it’s quite costly to keep fresh cut flowers year round, and because they have been cut, they don’t give any purifying effects to the oxygen in the room.

Assisted Living in League City, TXThere are some plants that are better at scrubbing impurities out of the air than others. Here is a list of some plants that have been shown to fight air pollution. They are known for their air cleaning properties. In no particular order, they are rubber plant, golden pothos, areca palm, English ivy, Boston fern, Australian sword fern, peace lily, dwarf date palm, reed palm, spider plant and snake plant.

Back in the early 1980s there was a study done by NASA which showed conclusively that some plants are able to remove volatile organic compounds from the atmosphere they live in. So in your home, these plants are at work 24/7 in cleaning toxins out of the air you breathe. Some people also believe there is a healing energy and a calming effect to having house plants around.

In your small assisted living apartment, you probably don’t want huge potted plants taking up all the space. But many attractive indoor house plants can be hung in pots or let to trail down a bookcase or dresser. There is minimal effort involved in maintaining house plants. Of course they will need to have a window to catch some of the sun’s rays, and will need water. Occasionally a little bit of plant food – fertilizer – would be good for your plant.

Your assisted living residence can really be brightened up with a nice plant. Ask the plant specialist at the greenhouse or garden center what kind of plant would work the best for the amount of lighting that you have to offer. Some house plants produce blossoms once or twice a year, which might also be a nice addition. The gentle fragrance of fresh blossoms has been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness. It also promotes deep breathing and gives a warm, welcoming feeling.

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