Assisted Living in Galveston, TX

Many elderly people will initially be unhappy about leaving their home and moving into an assisted care facility. How you can help someone adjust to their new situation depends a lot on the reason they have been moved to the facility. If they have been moved because they have dementia or another mental illness they may keep talking about wanting things to go back to the way they used to be. This may include wanting to return to the living situation they had as a child. With dementia it is unlikely that they will remember the reasons they were moved in the first place. They probably don’t understand why it would not be safe for them to move back home. There is no point in arguing or trying to reason with them. The best thing to do is listen to what they are saying and show some sympathy or empathy with what they are going through. These Assisted Living in League City, TXtypes of questions and comments can be a source of a lot of guilt on your part. You have to remember that the decision was made because the person was in danger of hurting themselves or others.

If your loved one has been moved to an assisted living facility because of physical limitations it is important to remind them of the reasons they were moved. You should discuss with them the situation that arose that led to the decision to place them in assisted living. If they will eventually be able to return home you should discuss the goals that need to be achieved to make this happen. For instance if they suffered a fall and broke a bone they will need to work with the doctors and physical therapist to make sure it heals properly and they regain the necessary strength and stability to live independently again.

If they have been moved because of mental health deterioration the move is more than likely permanent. You will need to understand that every time you visit they may badger you with the same questions over and over again. In these situations it may be best either ignore it or ask them what you can do to make their new situation more comfortable. The solution may be as simple as bringing a favorite book or subscribing to a favorite magazine to be delivered to them in their new home. Sometimes small changes in their living conditions can make a big difference in how they react to their new situation.

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