Assisted Living in League City TX

Assisted Living in League City TX

Assisted Living in League City TXNational Transportation Week is May 15th through the 21st and for seniors at assisted living, the transportation options they have available to them can vary.

Every assisted living facility across the country is different, so what one facility may offer with regard to transportation may not be the same for another facility. For example, in one facility, they may provide transportation by one of their experienced and trained staff members. They might have their own boss that can take residents to shopping malls, doctor’s appointments, and other points of interest.

Another facility may rely on outside transportation services to come to the facility a couple of days a week to provide the same type of services to their residents.

If the senior is considering assisted living, they may have concerns about their options with regard to transportation.

No one wants to feel like a prisoner or have to rely on family or friends to bring them to the store, an art gallery, or just to get out and away from the community for a while.

Some seniors who move into an assisted living facility still have a car and the ability to drive safely. There may be limited parking for residents at these facilities, but it may still be possible for an elderly individual to have their car at the site so they can go where they want, when they want.

If the senior is moving into assisted living, it might be more likely that they are no longer capable of driving safely and should be encouraged to give up their driver’s license, if they haven’t done so already. If that’s the case, then transportation is going to be a real concern for him or her.

Speak to an administrator.

While it’s easy to ask other residents or even some staff members about various amenities or transportation services, the best thing is to speak to an administrator. Administrators at these facilities have information on just about everything an elderly individual or his or her family might wish to know. They can explain the transportation options, services provided, and what it may entail.

If there are dozens or even hundreds of seniors in residence at this facility, will they be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to take a ride to the mall or some other destination? If it’s a relatively small minibus, how do they accommodate dozens of seniors who want to get out on a daily basis?

What it comes down to, in reality, is that seniors at assisted living often find more than enough to do and enjoy within the community that getting out and about isn’t as important as it once was.

At Serenity Gardens, we offer many services that your senior loved one can enjoy, including scheduling of transportation to appointments.

If you or an aging loved one are considering assisted living in League City, TX, please call and talk to the caring staff at Serenity Gardens at 832-315-3219.

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