Assisted Living in Pearland TX

Assisted Living in Pearland TX

Assisted Living in Pearland TXWhen your senior loved one is planning to move into an assisted living community, it can feel unsettling at first. This is especially true if they’ve been living in the same home for decades.

Perhaps they’re the type of person who has been used to moving around quite a bit throughout their life. If so, they may not have become emotionally attached to any one particular place. As such, they most likely won’t become emotionally attached to the assisted living community, either.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want this to feel like home. For those who are feeling melancholy about the prospect of leaving the home they’ve known for so long for a new environment in assisted living, there are several tips that can help them make that new room feel more like home as opposed to simply a new, foreign place.

Moving Tip #1: Surround them with familiar items.

Most people have a number of pictures of family, friends, and other loved ones in their home. These items, including any mementos that are particularly important because they offer an emotional connection to somebody special, should be part of their new home environment in the assisted living facility.

Whether they plan on sharing a room to reduce costs or they will be spending their time alone, take full advantage of pictures, digital picture frames, and even large collage style frames that can hold dozens of pictures that they can hang on the wall.

When they surround themselves with these familiar pictures and faces, it can make any home environment feel much more comfortable.

Moving Tip #2: Have at least one comfortable chair.

Whether it’s a recliner, office style chair, or something else, you want them to have at least one chair in the room. They may only spend time in their room when they’re sleeping, but they may also enjoy reading a book, watching a television program, or just talking on the phone with loved ones.

Having a chair provides an alternative to simply lying down or sitting up in bed.

Moving Tip #3: Limit their wardrobe.

Most closets in assisted living communities are not very large. If they have a walk-in closet or an extended length closet, they may have acquired many clothing items through the years. You want to limit their wardrobe to the most comfortable items with one or two dressier styles and maybe just a handful of shoes.

By avoiding clutter, and by having those special items surrounding them, it will make this new assisted living room feel more like home quickly.

If you or an aging loved one are considering assisted living in Pearland, TX, please call and talk to the caring staff at Serenity Gardens at 832-315-3219.

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