Assisted Living in League City, TX

When making elder care decisions for your aging loved one, it is critical that you evaluate all of the available options carefully in order to ensure you make a decision that is beneficial both for your loved one and for your family as a whole. The elder care decisions that you make for your aging loved one will have an impact on all members of the family, and it is critical to remember that regardless of the decision that you make, you will continue to play an active role in the ongoing care, health and happiness of your loved one.

Due to the wide variety of senior care options, it can become confusing and overwhelming to evaluate everything available. The first step is discussing preferences with your aging loved one. While many seniors way to express a strong desire to remain in their independent homes while they age, many others are eager to transition into an assisted living facility in order to take advantage of the lower home maintenance, community and availability of subtle, yet highly effective care to address their specific needs. To Assisted Living in Santa Fe, TXnarrow down the various options available to you, first discuss these two options with your aging loved one. If she expresses an interest in transitioning into an assisted living facility, it is time to determine if this type of senior care arrangement truly is appropriate for her.

Some of things to keep in mind when determining if assisted living is the right choice for your aging loved one include:

  • Does your aging loved one have intensive medical needs, or require ongoing assistance 24 hours a day? If so, assisted living may not be the best choice.
  • Does your aging loved one need assistance fulfilling her activities of daily living such as keeping the house tidy, doing dishes or running errands, but does not need ongoing medical attention? If so, assisted living may be an ideal option.
  • Does your aging loved one prefer not to be around people or require absolute control over elements of her environment such as ambient sound or light? If so, the community environment of an assisted living facility may not be the best choice. While each individual senior has his own home, it is sometimes possible to hear others in their homes or have light come under your door from the hallway outside.
  • Does your aging loved one enjoy you social activity and recreation? If so, the social activities and recreational opportunities may be the perfect choice for her senior care.

If you’re having difficulty deciding whether transitioning your aging loved one into an assisted living facility is the right choice, don’t hesitate to contact one in your area and request an informational tour. Bring your loved one along, and let her determine how she feels about the facility and the possibility of living there. These opinions can make the decision much easier.

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