Assisted Living League City TX

Assisted Living League City TX

Assisted Living League City TXDoing something for which you are not quite convinced is the right decision can lead to feelings of guilt. Maybe you are the one who convinced your elderly father to consider assisted living. It might’ve taken a while for you to convince him this was the right decision for his future.

When he finally agreed to at least look into the prospect of moving, you were relieved, to say the least. You had been worried about his safety and well-being at home.

You did what you could to help out, but stopping by every couple of days wasn’t enough. He needed too much extra help on a daily basis. He relied on neighbors and a few friends, but as the months turned into years, it seemed there were fewer and fewer people to help out.

Now that he has finally moved into assisted living, you have some feelings of guilt.

Maybe you feel like this was not his decision, but yours. Maybe you feel like you pressured him. Perhaps he had been asking if you could take care of him yourself. With your work schedule and other responsibilities, that wasn’t practical. It simply wasn’t going to happen.

Let go of the guilt.

If your father made this decision on his own, even if it took you several months or even years trying to convince him to consider it, he ultimately came to it on his own merits. You could have talked to him about the benefits that assisted living offers seniors, you may have convinced him to go visit one or two facilities, and you may have even talked to him about some friends he had who chose this for their living situation.

Over time, you may believe you pressured him into this decision. As long as you didn’t force him to do this against his will, then you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Yes, your father may have reached the point when he realized it was far more practical to move into one of these communities as opposed to staying home and relying on you or neighbors every once in a while. He may have realized his safety was an issue. He may have seen how difficult it was making life for you to look in on him every so often.

Whatever the case may be, your father made this decision himself. He knew what he was getting into. And now, thanks to all of the activities and benefits he is surrounded by daily, his life, his quality of life, will likely improve. For that, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

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