Assisted Living League City TX

Assisted Living League City TX

Assisted Living League City TX

August is American Adventures Month and while most people have a tendency to think about an adventure as being a trip, excursion, or even a scavenger hunt, for example, it can be a lot more than just that. In fact, if your father has been struggling with his own care at home, you might want to discuss the prospect of assisted living with him.

He may be closed off to the idea at first, but if you can highlight this potential move as being a new adventure to explore, he may be more open to the idea.

One of the most important aspects of discussing assisted living with senior loved ones is getting them to be open to the idea, especially if they have certain preconceived notions about it already.

So how can you convince your elderly father that moving into an assisted living facility would be an adventure? The first key would be finding out what he enjoys doing, activities he would love to pursue, or how much time he’s actually spending with friends at the moment.

As a person gets older it becomes more difficult for them to continue with some of the activities they used to enjoy. Your father may have loved playing golf or tennis, but his physical capabilities have diminished so much that neither one of those is possible anymore.

He may spend an inordinate amount of time at home alone these days. As a result, he can become complacent, be less motivated to get exercise, and lose even more muscle mass and strength, which directly affects his balance in the future. He may see no value in trying different things because loneliness can lead to increased feelings of depression and isolation.

If you want to discuss assisted living with him and do so in a way he is excited about it, begin talking about all the things he could do once he moves into his new home. In order to do that, you would want to check with the facility itself, sit down with the staff or an administrator, and find out all of the activities they have going on consistently, every day throughout the week and on the weekends.

Your father may just discover certain interests he’d always wanted to explore but never got around to for one reason or another. This is where the sense of adventure can be tapped into, especially if that’s a strong emotional pull for your father.

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