Which is better — assisted living or home health care?

When researching the kind of care you or a loved one might need, you’ll find a few main categories to choose from: skilled nursing, assisted living or home health care. A stay in a skilled nursing facility is generally more temporary in nature, as it is typically more focused on rehabilitation than a permanent stay. Skilled nursing facilities are also ideal for people who need more in-depth medical intervention on a regular basis. On the other hand, home health care and assisted livings are ideal for people who need non-medical support, which could include help with getting dressed, bathing, meal prep, eating, medication management, etc. But how do you choose between home health care and an assisted living facility? Here are a few reasons to choose an assisted living over home health care:

#1. 24-Hour Support

Most people who rely on home health care cannot afford to pay someone to be there 24/7. This means that, while there may be someone to help your loved one when they need it during the day, they might be on their own at night. If your loved one were to fall in the middle of the night, then they might not be found until their caregiver arrives in the morning. With an assisted living facility, on the other hand, there will be someone ready to help your loved one throughout the day and night.

#2. Physical Fitness

Assisted living facilities do more than just provide people with help with getting dressed and meal preparation — they also provide your loved one with lots of opportunity and encouragement to engage in physical activities. Many assisted livings provide group classes where your loved one can move and get their exercise. Physical fitness often gets overlooked as we age, but it’s an essential part of fall prevention, as well as staying healthy as a whole.

#3. Safety

There are many parts of a typical home that can be dangerous for people who are unsteady on their feet, and equipping your home with the railings, medical alert system and other modifications designed to prevent falls can be expensive. But the good news is that most assisted livings are made with these modifications already included. When your loved one lives in an assisted living community, not only will they have the modifications they need to reduce the risk of falls, they’ll also have the staff to rely on in case they do end up falling.

#4. Social Activity

Seniors who live by themselves can become isolated, which often leads to loneliness and depression. Although the home health caregiver will spend time with your loved one, it’s not quite the same as having their own friends around. When your loved one lives in an assisted living, they’ll have tons of opportunities to stay social and engaged. Not only are there plenty of common areas in a typical assisted living where you loved one can socialize, there are also plenty of fun activities they can engage in.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to choose assisted living over home care, and there are so many more! In our next blog, we’ll be touching on a few more reasons to choose assisted living over home care, so don’t forget to stay tuned!

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