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Assisted-Living-Facilities-in-League-City-TXThis is an important question because many seniors can still drive (and drive safely), even when they may require some type of support in other areas of their life. If your mother’s been considering assisted living, she may have some concern about her ability to have her car there and drive herself to the store, to visit with friends, or to a doctor’s appointment, for example.

Answers May Vary

Keep in mind that every assisted living facility is different, which means that one might have ample parking to accommodate every elderly resident who wishes to keep his or her vehicle there for easy access. Other facilities may be limited on their available space and may not provide this opportunity.

In order to best answer this question, let’s assume that the particular community allows residents to park their own vehicles on the premises. In these situations, the senior will most likely be free to come and go as he or she wishes. Just as having guests come to visit is allowed in every assisted living facility, seniors can walk around the grounds, go out with family and friends to dinner, to the mall, or to visit with others, and much more.

There’s no reason a senior who is fully capable of driving in a safe manner can’t continue driving if the facility provides a place to park their vehicle.

In a particular assisted living environment where parking is limited, this may not be a practical option. Of course, there may be other ways for the senior to get around, including transportation provided by the facility itself. More and more facilities today provide transportation on a daily basis to take residents to stores, doctor’s appointments, the senior center, and much more.

Even though finding transportation today is much easier than it used to be many years ago, there are some seniors who prefer to hold onto their ability to drive as long as possible. Even if they only take the car out once a week, it can provide themselves some comfort and feeling of independence.

Contact the assisted living facility where your mother is interested in living and ask them about their vehicle policy. If they provide parking spaces for residents, either free or at a designated fee, and your mother still wishes to hold onto her car, she will be able to continue driving, unless you or somebody else feels she may be putting herself and others on the road at risk.

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