Assisted Living in Friendswood, TX

Assisted Living in Friendswood, TXThere are many complaints from caregivers regarding billing issues when it comes to the assisted living facility housing their loved one. For the caregivers that are long distance, it is even more inconvenient for them to sort out billing errors. What can you do to manage billing issues with assisted living?

One thing you can do upon your loved one moving into an assisted living facility is to set up an appointment to meet the department managers of the establishment. Doing this in person rather than over the phone is better for establishing open channels of communication. When issues arise, they will me more likely to respond positively to someone they have met than a frustrated stranger on the phone.

Review each bill and make sure that payments are posted correctly. If you have any concerns or questions regarding a bill, call and speak to someone. Be sure to document the date, to whom you spoke with, and what the outcome of the conversation was.

The tone of your voice when discussing an issue with billing can determine the type of treatment you deceive. Instead of using a huffy and accusing tone regarding an error, simply say that you are confused about the bill and ask for it to be explained.

If you are in a position to make friends with someone working at the facility, this could be helpful. Get to know some details about the person, such as their birthday, and send a card. If you notice them doing something good, say thank you. Write of note of praise to the person’s supervisor and send her a copy. Having someone who would be willing to go the extra step on your behalf can help when you need an issue resolved.

How you choose to react and approach the situation regarding billing errors can either positively or negatively affect the attitudes of those responsible for resolving the issue. Give the facility the benefit of the doubt when a mistake occurs and avoid using an accusatory tone.

If you are responsible for managing your loved one’s assisted living bills, review them in a timely manner. Contact the right department at the facility immediately with your concerns or questions. The sooner that you catch a mistake and bring it to someone’s attention, the easier it is to solve.

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