People who are searching for purpose and direction in life, feel they have nothing to give but their time, or those who have a requirement to meet for work or school, can all find satisfaction in volunteering their time. If you are at a loss of what you can do to help your community while also bringing you joy, consider volunteering at your local assisted living facility.

At Serenity Gardens of Dickenson and Friendswood, our residents always delight in the visiting of volunteers. There is so much to do here, we always have suggestions for our volunteers. And, we have volunteer opportunities that fit all skill levels and interests. Whether you enjoy leading our seniors in an activity, like to paint nails, or want to simply sit and listen to stories, we have plenty of residents who love the attention. If you want to help, but are much less hands-on, you can opt to prepare meals, fold laundry, or help in the garden. The options for volunteering are as limitless as your imagination.

Join us in today’s post as we share some of the ways people have volunteered with us and how it makes a positive impact on the lives of our residents and our community.

Put on a performance.

Who doesn’t love to be entertained? Assisted living community residents love a good show just as much as the next person. One of the challenges that most residents face is getting out and about to attend shows outside of the community. While it happens from time to time, the events may be weeks apart. If you’ve got a big performance coming up — a play, a concert, a dance recital, or even a mixed martial arts competition — and you and your team would like to practice for a live audience, there is no better audience than assisted living residents. You’ll have a captivated audience who will watch your entire performance, mesmerized. If you want, you can ask for feedback to improve your performance for the actual live show.

Host a makeover.

Assisted living residents do have access to regular assistance with personal hygiene and a salon, but the special spa services are often not regular. If you have the skills and the patience, offering a makeover to residents can be fun for everyone. Hair, nails, and makeup is a great way to bond while improving the morale of the residents.

Play games.

We can’t think of a better “job” than playing fun games with residents who get really into it! If you don’t know how to play, that’s okay, the residents can teach you or you can look up the rules on your smartphone. You can bring a board game and propose a rousing game for the residents. Board games and jigsaw puzzles are always good options.

Lend a listening ear.

Many young people have too much to do, are always in a hurry, or buried in their electronic devices and struggle to actually listen and connect with people. Older generations, like those who use assisted living facilities thrive on human connection, which tends to wane as they age and outlive their friends and family. You can make a huge difference in the life of a resident by simply taking the time out of your day to listen. Ask questions, but just listen to their story without taking the opportunity to tell yours. You’ll have a friend for life!

At Serenity Gardens memory care assisted living facilities, we love our volunteers! We encourage anyone who wants to spend time with our residents to come out and meet our residents who are also our family. Whether you’ve got some extra time on your hands or need to check off an hours log for school, we accept volunteers of all types. Contact us to begin your rewarding volunteer opportunity today!