Senior Living in Pearland, TX

Senior-Living-in-Pearland-TXHaving a pet can be a great asset, especially for seniors who may live alone or are beginning to deal with a number of health issues. Research has indicated that pets can provide a great deal of comfort and can even help lower blood pressure, anxiety, and other issues that can impact a senior.

Having a cat or small dog, though, and considering assisted living could be a problem that needs to be addressed. Some assisted living communities do not accept pets, which can make it harder to find an assisted living facility suitable for your senior.

Each assisted living community is different, so it’s important to discuss their pet policies, if they have any. Larger dogs are not likely to be accepted, even in those assisted-living facilities that accept some pets. That’s because of the strength of these animals. Even the most well behaved larger breed of dog has a potential ability to pull the senior off-balance, thus leading to potential falls and subsequent serious injuries.

Shop around.

For any senior who is considering assisted living, but is adamant about keeping their pet with them, they should call a variety of different facilities in and around their area. They may have to consider moving many miles away if they happen to find a facility that accepts pets of the kind they have. Thankfully for those in the Dickinson, TX area, there is a facility that welcomes seniors AND their pets, and it’s Serenity Gardens.

A senior who may not have a pet at the moment but has been considering the prospect will likely realize the limitations and challenges in finding the right facility for them. It may be more practical to instead focus on an assisted living facility that will provide the greatest opportunity for staying active and enjoying life to the fullest.

Any senior who hasn’t had a pet in a long time, or ever, would need to fully understand just what it takes to maintain that animal in a safe and healthy environment. For small dogs, they would need to be walked on a regular basis, usually several times throughout the day. Cats need a litter box that needs to be cleaned out at least once a day.

If you or an aging loved one are considering senior living in Pearland, TX, please call and talk to the caring staff at Serenity Gardens at 832-315-3219.

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