Assisted Living League City TX

Assisted Living League City TX

Assisted Living League City TXYou’re excited for your mother. She finally agreed to move into assisted living. You visited the facility with her, took a tour, and got the opportunity to speak with other residents. Your mother actually recognized a few people with whom she had been friends years ago. She was excited for this move.

Perhaps she’s been there for a couple of months already. Summer is a great time to move into assisted living because there are so many things to do around the premises and outdoor grounds. Maybe she went for walks, played games with her friends outside, or just spent time taking part in a variety of activities.

Now that fall has arrived, it’s important for seniors to pay attention to the little details that will keep them safe. Yes, there are some highly experienced and dedicated staff members working at the assisted living facility, but people still need to use common sense and plan ahead in order to stay safe.

For example, what if your mother goes for a walk?

Your mother and a friend might decide to go for a nice casual walk in the afternoon. It could be quite warm when they take off, and when they’re having conversation completely lose track of time. The sun begins to set, the temperature drops, and they’re getting chilled to the bone.

It’s important to bring along an extra layer of clothing to stay warm throughout the fall. Seniors at assisted living should be proactive and not just assume since it’s incredibly warm around 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon that it’s going to remain that way for long.

Check the windows at night.

Just because the assisted living facility has a great heating system, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave the windows open at night, especially when the temperature dips quite low. An open window and a closed door could cause a small room to get quite cold.

The colder it is outdoors, the quicker it’s going to cool down inside that room. That might be beneficial to some degree for a good, restful night’s sleep, but it could expose the senior to increase health risks, not the least of which is pneumonia.

Encourage your mother or any other senior at an assisted living facility to check their windows and make sure they’re closed at night, especially when the temperature is going to be dropping significantly. This is one simple tip that can keep seniors safe in their new home environment.

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