Assisted Living Facilities in Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Facilities in Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Facilities in Friendswood TXAudio books can be a great way for people to enjoy the power of good writing. Some people may benefit from audiobooks because their eyesight has deteriorated to the point where it’s not possible to read any longer. Some people might get headaches, eyestrain, or have other issues that simply make it too difficult or strenuous to read. For those in an assisted living facility, audiobooks can be a great asset for many reasons.

June is Audio Book Appreciation Month and while these forms of entertainment or media became popular among commuters, they are also incredibly popular among those who are exercising and want something to listen to or those who can no longer see as well as they used to, making reading much more difficult.

There are plenty of benefits to audio books as opposed to traditional books or complementing those traditional books. Here are a few to consider.

Benefit #1: Less eye strain.

When someone doesn’t have to strain their eyes, it reduces the risk of headaches and other physical complications. By simply relaxing, the senior at assisted living can close his or her eyes, listen to the narrator, and still be entertained or learn something new, depending on their preference when it comes to reading books.

Benefit #2: It can be shared with others.

Other seniors in the assisted living facility can enjoy the same books at the same time. Yes, they could do this by all reading the same book on their own, but a great way to build friendships and camaraderie among seniors and others is to sit down and all listen to the same audio book at the same time.
This can actually become a daily or weekly activity among some of the residents at assisted living.

Benefit #3: It can complement physical reading.

Some people prefer to read a book, feel the pages on their fingertips, and turn those pages as they get into something they really enjoy. Other times, they may have eye fatigue or other issues that make it more difficult for them to see or read comfortably.

These audio books can provide a complement to the physical books and all the senior would have to do is queue up the audio book to find exactly where they are in their reading.

This means they won’t have to stop reading something they really enjoy just because their eyes have become a bit fatigued or they’ve had minor procedures or surgery recently.

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