Assisted Living in Santa Fe, TXAssisted living facilities are housing facilities for the elderly that allow them to maintain some level of independence while getting help with the daily tasks they can no longer perform on their own. With planning and research the transition can be a smooth one for you and your loved one. The following are things to know about assisted living.

Know about the services

Assisted living facilities vary in the services they offer. Know the needs of your loved one and make sure the necessary services are available before choosing a facility.

Is the facility licensed?

Each state has different criteria for licensing and not all facilities are licensed.

Policies and procedures

It is important to know what the facilities policy and procedure are on visitation, payment and refund, emergency healthcare, meals, and pets. Take note of the exclusionary clause before signing a contract. This is a clause that stipulates that a facility can remove you for specific reasons such as incontinence, dementia, etc.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is beneficial to your loved one’s overall health. Find out what activities are offered that allow residents to socialize. Some facilities allow family members to participate in the activities. Residents who are active and able to interact with others remain healthier than those who stay by themselves all day. Does the facility promote physical fitness to ensure a better quality of life?


The average cost for assisted living is $3,000 to $4,000 per month. Some of the services you might be interested in for your loved one may cost extra. Be sure to find out what options are included with the monthly rate. Financial assistance is available at many facilities for those who are eligible.


Many facilities offer their own unique personality. Facilities range in size and shape and could be formal, traditional, or offer a more home-like feel. Whether your loved one is moving into a room or apartment, it is good to find out if they are allowed to decorate or hang pictures in their space.

Assisted living facilities are different from a nursing home environment. Residents in assisted living communities are for the most part independent and require minimal help with daily tasks. They are mobile whereas nursing homes usually provide care to those who are bedridden.

When you are considering assisted living for a loved one, the more you know about them, the more well-equipped you and your loved one will be to make the right decision.

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