It’s important for us to acknowledge the human need for friendships, and this need doesn’t change with age. Most people think that by age 50+ you have already gathered a lifetime of friends and won’t ever need to make any new ones. But as you get older, some of the friends move away, some pass on and some just drift away.

Once again you may find yourself in the situation of needing to make new friends again. Here are some senior tips for learning how to make new friends again once you move to assisted living.

  1. Assisted Living Facilities in Webster, TXRecognize the importance of maintaining friendships. It’s so easy for people to take friendships for granted, but try to really appreciate the importance of having friends. It brings us (and the other person in the friendship) caring, conversation and companionship.
  2. Friendship enriches our life, and improves the quality of our life. It’s natural to want someone to care about you. It feels good to know that someone has an interest in you. Likewise, it feels good to show love and caring to another person and see how your friendship brightens up their life and makes their day.
  3. Be ready to put yourself out there. The knowledge that friendship is important doesn’t do any good if you don’t act on it. Put yourself where you have the opportunity to make new friends, and someone else can see that you would be a good friend for them to have as well.
  4. Cultivate the virtue of being a good listener. This is one of the very best traits that a good friend can possess. When it comes down to the important details of a good lasting friendship, being a patient and compassionate listener is the one that always takes first place.
  5. Don’t be afraid to share with your new friend, but only at a rate that you think they are comfortable with. Share your hopes and dreams, your frustrations and joy. Let them form a bond of trust with you, and you with them. You can share little things too, like a game of cards with cookies and milk, or some other activity that brings happiness to both of you.
  6. Making new friends doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most people have to work at it, but just remember that practicing can help you get better at it, and having a good friend is worth the work that it takes to find one!

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