Assisted Living Facilities Pearland TX - Are You Hearing Mom Regarding Opinions About Assisted Living?

You are absolutely convinced your mother would do well at an assisted living facility. She has been struggling to take care of herself and keep up with the general cleaning and upkeep of her house and while you have been helping as best you can, your time is limited.

Assisted Living Facilities Pearland TX - Are You Hearing Mom Regarding Opinions About Assisted Living?
Assisted Living Facilities Pearland TX – Are You Hearing Mom Regarding Opinions About Assisted Living?

You know she would enjoy life at an assisted living facility. 

She isn’t spending much time with friends lately. She doesn’t have the ability to get around without you providing transportation. There may be limited transportation options outside of you, but she’s constantly calling you for a ride to the store, to a doctor’s appointment, or to spend some rare moments with close friends.

You have tried to talk to her about assisted living.

Every time you bring up the subject, though, she seems to shut you down. It’s frustrating, to say the least. You just want her to listen to what you’re saying. You can see things so clearly from the outside that you can’t understand why she doesn’t see it from her perspective.

Are you listening?

One thing far too many family members overlook when trying to convince an elderly loved one about some senior care option is their own ability to listen. Many family members take it as their personal responsibility to look after their aging loved ones, such as parents or grandparents.

You just want your mother to be safe and enjoy life. However, there may be some very good reasons why she’s not even considering assisted living, at least not right now. Yes, it can be extremely frustrating as a family caregiver, but your mother cannot be forced to make some radical change in her life unless this is something she wants to do.

Take some time to have a rational conversation.

A rational and reasonable conversation is one in which both parties have an opportunity to ask questions, have their voice heard, and have the other individual listen carefully to what they’re saying. Just because you may not agree with your mother’s decision doesn’t mean it’s wrong. You may see things from a safety perspective, her inability to spend time with friends, but she may be more comfortable in her home environment.

She may worry that choosing assisted living will cause her to give up a significant part of her independence. While you know that’s not true, what you should do is learn as much as possible about the facts regarding assisted living facilities. When you listen to what she’s saying and are armed with facts and a great deal of information, it’s going to be that much better at helping her make the right decision.

Remember, whatever decision that is, respect it. 

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