Assited Living Facilities Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Facility Friendswood TX

Assited Living Facilities Friendswood TXConsidering an assisted living facility for an elderly parent or discussing the prospect with an aging loved one is a great topic. Many people assume that assisted living is the last alternative they should consider, but most of these men and women simply have various misconceptions about it.

A lot of people assume that assisted living is no different than nursing home care, but the two are completely opposite. Assisted living is designed to provide support services for those elderly individuals who may require it, but it also allows them to live as independently as they wish, within their physical capabilities.

Before choosing any particular assisted living facility, a personal tour should be done. Visiting the facility is absolutely essential to determine whether this particular one is right for the senior.

Here are a few tips that can help answer some vital questions with regard to whether this facility is the right place for him or her.

Tour Tip #1: Visit personally.

Don’t send a surrogate but make sure the senior gets an opportunity to tour the facility as well. It’s great to get things done on your own, especially when you have very limited time, but it’s always best for the senior to see the facility, the room, and maybe even meet some of the residents.

Tour Tip #2: Drop in on weekends.

Many tours take place during the week, but it’s not a bad idea to drop in on the weekend. You might not be able to go for a tour on the weekends, depending on the facility, its size, and other factors, but what you can do is speak to other family members who have a tendency to visit more frequently on the weekend.

Ask questions. Get a general sense of the facility, the staff, and the amenities from an outside perspective, a perspective from those who have loved ones already living there.

Tour Tip #3: Check out the dining facility.

Every assisted living community is different, and food is important. Make sure you check out the dining area, the menu, the atmosphere, and anything else you feel is important.

Tour Tip #4: See the accommodations.

Check out the rooms. Get a good sense about whether or not your loved one will be comfortable there. Get their assessment as well.

Tour Tip #5: Investigate activities.

Find out what types of activities generally take place throughout the week. Are there card games, art activities, entertainment, and other options? When the senior gets a good sense of the activities going on, he or she can determine if this is a place for them.

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