Assisted Living Facility in Galveston, TX

Finding the right assisted living facility for an elderly friend or loved one can be a challenging and time consuming process. In today’s world, extensive research can be done on the internet to aid in choosing a facility. However, it shouldn’t be the only thing you base your decision on.

The internet is a great place to start your search for an assisted living facility that can offer just what you need for you and your loved one. You can obtain a list of state affiliates and contact information on the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) website.

Assisted Living Facility in Galveston, TXCompile a list of three to six facilities you would like to visit. Contact them and request information. The better business bureau website will provide you with any reports filed against a company. If there are several bad reports, then you don’t want to place your loved one in that facility.

Upon receiving further information as far as affordability and amenities they offer, you can schedule a visit. When you visit an assisted living facility, consider some of the following:

Talk with Other Residents

A great way to get a true sense of a facility is by talking to other residents who live there. Ask the other residents if the staff performs their jobs properly and on time. Based on the opinions you hear about the place, this could be helpful in deciding if this is the assisted living facility for your loved one.

Adequate Staff

It is very important to know if the assisted living facility, you are considering, has ample staff to cover all shifts. Is the staff available 24/7? If they seem to be running the place on a short staff, then you might want to be concerned. Talk with the staff to get a feel if they have a pleasant, friendly or grumpy disposition. The attitude of the staff generally sets the environment of the facility.


When entering the exterior of the building, are the grounds clean and attractive? Are there flower, plants, and trees? An enclosed area where residents can walk, socialize, and be safe will put your mind at ease.

When you are touring the facility, pay attention to the sights, smell, and sounds to get a broader picture of what the community is like. Are the room and floors neat and clean? Is there good lighting in the room and take notice if the residents’ rooms are personalized with photos or mementos. What is the view like from each room? Are there any health code violations? Ask yourself if this would be a place you would want to live.


Make sure the food is nutritious and dietary needs or special requests won’t be an issue. How many meals are provided each day and do they offer snacks? Is the dining room clean and attractive? Are residents allowed to have visiting family members join them for a meal? Be sure to try a meal for yourself.


Are family members welcome anytime are only on scheduled visits? Are you able to take your loved one out of the facility at any time for the day?


Do they offer and post activities that your loved one enjoys and can participate in? Do they schedule social activities that allow them to interact with other residents either within or outside their community?

Unscheduled Visit

While it is important to get a scheduled tour of the facility, it is a good idea to make 1 or 2 unscheduled visits. Then you get the true picture of how the facility operates on a daily basis when they are unaware you plan to stop in.

While choosing the right facility can be a stressful challenge, in the end, the time you invest in finding the right place, will be worth it for you and your loved one.

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