Assisted Living Facility in Houston, TX

Transitioning into an assisted living facility can be a big deal for your elderly loved one. They have been in their homes for many years and are used to being around things that are familiar and comfortable to them. The idea of moving to an assisted living facility can often be scary to them and they will need your assistance to eventually become comfortable with the idea of their new home. Here are some of the things that you can do to help your loved one feel better about the transition to an assisted living facility.

Pack Up Important Items From Home

To start with, you will want to pack up many important items from your loved ones home. Not everything will be able to go to the assisted living facility because there will Assisted Living Facility in Houston, TXnot be enough room. This does not mean that you cannot take the time to pick out important items that can help the new place feel more like home for your elderly loved one. While you are packing, make sure to label all of your loved ones clothes so that they do not get lost or mixed up with someone else’s.

Find Help For Moving

You are probably going to need a lot of assistance with the moving process. There will be a million things to deal with such as dividing up some of the things that your elderly loved one does not need any more, moving extra things to storage, getting the important home items to the assisted living facility, and then getting your loved one to their new home. The more hands that are available, the better so enlist the help of as many family members as possible.

Establish a Routine

Once your loved one gets to the assisted living facility, it is important to make sure that they get into a routine as soon as possible. Establishing this routine makes it easier to feel like the facility is their new home. You can help them out with this in several ways. First, make sure to get all of their things unpacked as soon as possible so their room starts to feel like home. You can also help by signing them up for groups and activities that they may enjoy so that they can get out and meet new people.

Meet and Get to Know the Staff

You should also take the time to help your elderly loved one get to know the staff who works at the assisted living facility. This staff will be in charge of helping your loved one get many things done throughout the day. The sooner that your loved one can learn to be comfortable around this group of staff members, the easier it will be living there. Shortly after your loved one moves in, take them around the facility to meet some of the staff members who will be working the closest with them and explain some of the needs that must be met for your loved one.

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