Assisted Living in Texas City, TX

Making important decisions regarding the ongoing senior care of your aging loved one it is essential that you make the ones that are most appropriate and most beneficial for that particular person. While for some people this may be home care or a skilled nursing center, many seniors will choose the personalized care and independence of assisted living facilities. As with any other decision that you make for your aging loved one, however, it is essential that you make an informed and conscientious choice. This means carefully evaluating your options and choosing the one that is best for your loved one.

Assisted Living Facility in Texas City, TXHere are the top ten things that you need to know about a prospective assisted living facility before you transition your loved one into it:

  1. The floor plans for the various living units and which would be most appropriate for your loved one. There are usually at least two different versions of the floor plan so that the facility can accommodate one senior or a couple and various different mobility and cognitive challenges
  2. The amount of rent and utilities each month, including what utilities are included and what, such as cable television or internet, that you will need to set up on your own. Usually basic utilities such as electricity and water and included, but the extras will need to be paid for independently
  3. Activities, clubs and organizations that are available in the facility and how your loved one can become involved. This is a good opportunity to find out how your loved one can become more social and if there are religious services offered onsite if this is an important concept for your loved one
  4. Meals that are offered and how they are scheduled. Some facilities have structured seatings or meal times during the day and your loved one may be assigned to a specific one based on name or care level. Others, however, are designed for flexibility and allow seniors to eat throughout the day whenever they want
  5. How you can ensure that dietary restrictions for your loved one are addressed
  6. Regulations regarding visitation times
  7. Guidelines regarding the decoration and individualization of your loved one’s living unit in ways such as painting and hanging art
  8. The level of care that your loved one can expect, including how often a care companion will come, who will provide medical attention and how your loved one can reach out for additional
  9. How you can contact the administration of the facility if there are any concerns
  10. The procedures that are in place to handle medical emergencies, natural disasters and any other serious situation that may arise.

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