Assisted Living Faciltlies Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Faciltlies Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Faciltlies Friendswood TXWhen you’re trying to convince your elderly mother to consider assisted living facilities, you may have a difficult time bringing up the subject. You may have to come up with some pointed questions that get her thinking about this type of senior care option.

Below are three questions you might consider asking her and, even if you don’t get a positive reaction right away, it could plant the seeds that get her thinking about this more seriously.

Potential Question #1: Does she miss friends?

Your mother may spend most of her time alone. She may have friends who have moved away or passed away and is not able to spend a lot of time with people she has known for many years.

At an assisted living facility, she can spend quality time with other seniors who share common interests. She may reconnect with friends or make new friends. If she spends most of her time alone at home, she may not think about this because she doesn’t want to, but when you bring this up, it will be a question she won’t be able to avoid.

Potential Question #2: Does she wish she had some help sometimes?

There may be certain things she can’t do on her own anymore. It can certainly be difficult. Perhaps she calls on you or other family members or her neighbors for assistance, such as to take the garbage out or to go to the store quickly.

If she has a tendency to feel guilty about this and wishes she had somebody on whom she can rely any time she needed help, that would probably be a great alternative. If she were living at an assisted living facility, she would always have an experienced staff member ready to assist.

Potential Question #3: Is she happy being alone?

This is somewhat tied to the first question, but it can also be a standalone. Some people don’t mind being alone, but that’s only going to last for so long. Human beings are social creatures; we were designed to spend time with other people.

If your mother is feeling lonely lately, it can increase the risk of depression, withdrawing from certain activities, and avoiding other interactions. If she is feeling lonely and wishes she had other people around her, that’s when you can bring up assisted living facilities.

It is one of the best options for seniors whether they need minimal assistance or simply no longer wish to be burdened with general home upkeep and maintenance.

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