Assisted Living Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Friendswood TX

Assisted Living Friendswood TXMaking a move to assisted living is a great decision. It may be difficult for some people, of course, especially if they have been living in the same house for most of their life. When planning a move to assisted living, whether it’s right around the holiday season, just after New Year’s Day, or at any other time of the year, having some ideas in place can help alleviate stress and anxiety from the senior making this move.

Below are three potential ideas that can actually make a difference and provide a bit more comfort to a senior planning this type of move.

Idea #1: Have a box of special items.

When moving from the house where the senior has been living for many years, they’ve acquired a number of items. If this elderly individual is widowed, feeling lonely, or isn’t exactly comfortable with the situation at hand, putting together a box of special items can provide him or her comfort when they settle into their new room.

This special box could include small tokens, mementos, pictures, and anything else they see as being precious or valuable to them. They may not have any real monetary value to anyone else, but if they have perceived value of any kind to the senior, and if they fit in a decent sized box, it is a good way to help provide comfort, especially during the first days after their move.

Idea #2: Prioritize things of importance.

A person is simply not going to be able to take everything they have in their house to assisted living. A room at assisted living is not going to be exceptionally spacious in most cases. Some facilities may have larger rooms, but the premium cost for those rooms is usually quite significant.

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to begin prioritizing things. Find out what is most important for the senior, what they may wish to pass on to others, and what can be sold, given away, or donated. Prioritizing things can be challenging, and the list of priorities can change each passing day, but eventually the list will begin to appear more concrete.

Idea #3: Take breaks.

If at all possible, instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare for this move, get started several weeks ahead of time. When going through various items, whether you do this for a couple of hours at a time or for a smaller bulk of time, it’s important to take breaks.

The emotional stress and anxiety for the senior can be tremendous. By taking breaks, it avoids potential conflicts of interest, feelings of being overwhelmed, or leading to doubts about their decision to move into assisted living.

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