You’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time: your mother or father, or other elderly loved one, is unable to take care of himself or herself on their own. You’ve considered in home care, but their home is simply too large and too much for them to manage. You have researched different assisted living facilities around the area and now you are trying to determine how to convince them that this is the best option for them.

For a person facing the latter years of his or her life, especially if they have lost their spouse or long term companion, the idea of moving away from their home and into an assisted living facility can be like a slap to the face. They may feel that it’s a loss of freedom, of no longer being able to take care of themselves.

Assisted Living in Friendswood, TXIt is not, and it’s important that you convey this to them.

Firstly, assisted living is just what it sounds: assistance with basic living needs. It’s not a nursing home facility but rather independent living. It’s a way for your loved one to relax and enjoy the finer years of their life while also focusing on keeping themselves healthy and safe.

One of the best ways to convince a loved one to consider assisted living is to avoid highlighting the trouble they have living at home, but address them as positives. For example, if your loved one is unable to navigate the steps in their home from the bedroom to the kitchen, point out that they can choose a home that is one level. You could also indicate that they wouldn’t need to worry about cooking every meal if they didn’t want to.

There are also plenty of activities to take part in with other vibrant people their age. They’d be able to walk out their front door and be connected with a community of people who understand them, what they’re dealing with, and who will likely share similar interests, rather than being surrounded by neighbors they may not even know anymore.

Convincing someone you care about to consider assisted living has the potential to cause emotional stress and strain, but it doesn’t have to. The key is to do your research on what each facility offers to its residents and then present that information as a positive benefit.

The most important thing is to avoid pointing out the struggles or hardships that your loved one is facing. He or she may refuse to acknowledge it out of pride or a fear of facing a difficult truth. Instead, when you broach the subject the first time, keep it light, positive, and short. An oak tree always starts as a seed. Start early enough so that the decision can still be completely theirs.

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