Assisted Living in Friendswood TX

Assisted Living in Friendswood TX

Assisted Living in Friendswood TX

There are many myths and misconceptions about assisted living and one of them has to do with independence and the rights the senior gives up when they choose this form of senior care. There are far too many seniors as well as family members who may be convinced that an elderly individual has to surrender some of his or her personal rights as a stipulation to moving into an assisted living community.

So what rights does a person give up?

The short answer is simple: none.

That’s right. There is not one single personal right that any senior has to surrender in order to move into an assisted living residence. Each community is different and will offer various activities and other benefits, but the basic premise of this type of senior living situation revolves around creating a physical community and staff who are able to support the senior in the best manner possible, regardless of their age, physical capabilities, health issues, and more.

There may be certain compromises a senior has to make when they move into an assisted living residence. If they wish to save some money every month, they may be able to choose to live with a roommate. Those compromises will need to be taken care of between the two roommates, and it will likely have more to do with space, decorative aspects, and other simple issues.

Some seniors will have to downsize from their home in order to move into a small bedroom or studio style apartment community. These sacrifices aren’t actually giving up any freedom or independence; they’re simply choices the elderly individual makes in order to put himself or herself in a better and safer environment for their future.

What if an elderly individual feels his or her independence is being stolen?

There are going to be certain seniors who are reluctant to accept assisted living as a viable option. As a result, they may feel as though they didn’t have a choice and were coerced into this situation by family members.

Every senior should have the right to choose their own course of care for the moment and into the future, as long as they are considered of sound mind. If the senior feels they were tricked or coerced into this type of living environment, it can cause them to feel as though they’ve lost a great deal of their own independence.

However, most seniors discover some incredible benefits to assisted living and ultimately take full advantage of most of them. This helps them realize that what they gave up really wasn’t independence, but isolation, inactivity, and a feeling that the best years of their life were behind them. At assisted living, the best may very well still be yet to come.

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