Assisted Living in Galveston, TX

Making the transition into an assisted living facility can make a tremendous difference in the lives of your parents. In assisted living facility offers a safe and comfortable place for your parents to live so that they don’t have to deal with the responsibilities of maintaining their own home, but also make sure that their physical, medical and mental needs are properly addressed. Living in an assisted living facility can also offer your aging loved ones a fresh and exciting life including an entire new social community and access to a wide variety of activities that will keep their lifestyle energetic and vibrant. When making the decision to transition into an assisted living facility, however, it is important that you choose the right facility. This means touring a facility and asking questions to decide if a particular facility is right for your parents.

Assisted Living in Galveston, TXThere are several things that you should ask the administration of the assisted living facility before you decide if that particular facility is right for your parents. By asking these questions you are not just getting the information that comes from the answers, but you are also able to gauge the personality and helpfulness of the staff that will be an important element of the day-to-day life of your loved one. You don’t want to feel as though you are being rushed through any discussions, or as though the people are trying to hide something from you. Rather, the administration should help you to feel at ease and confident about the benefits of this facility can offer to your parents.

Some of the things that you should ask an assisted living administrator before transitioning your parents into that facility include:

  • How many different types of units are offered, and how do you decide who lives in which unit?
  • How are medical concerns handled, and how frequently are residents visited by care providers?
  • How does this facility handle married couples?
  • Is this facility properly licensed, and does it have all of the insurance that is required by the area?
  • What type of dining options does the facility offer, and how much flexibility is there?
  • Are seniors required to eat in the dining room, or is there an option for food to be delivered to an individual home?
  • What are the facility’s policies regarding visitors and events?
  • What types of activities does the facility offer, and how does a senior become involved in them?
  • Are there laundry services available, and are they included in the fees?
  • Does this facility offer progressive care in the event that your parents’ health conditions worsen?

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