Assisted Living in Houston, TX

Your mother has been on her own for more than five years, since your father passed away, and at 83 years old, she’s having more trouble taking care of herself, not to mention the fact that he health is in decline. This is not something that anyone wishes to deal with, but at some point, you need to consider the prospect of assisted living.

Assisted Living in Houston, TXThere are, of course, a number of different options that you can choose from in order to ensure that your mother is safe and that she receives the best care. One of those options is in home health care. This can be a great option for people who want to have their elderly loved one remain in the comfort of their home as long as possible. But it’s not going to be an ideal situation for everyone, so you need to understand when it may be time to consider other alternatives, such as finding the right assisted living facility.

The first aspect is need. If your mother is having more trouble with living at home, even with the assistance that an in home care provider may be offering or what you may be doing, then she may need more around the clock, focused care.

Second, does she appear lonely? When we live alone, it can be lonely, as most of us are fully aware of. However, when you’re elderly and living alone, this loneliness can lead to depression. Your mother may not be able to get out and about and visit with friends. She may have lost most of her friends. However, we are social creatures and that means we tend to want to be around other people. If your mother seems morose or detached, it could be that she is feeling lonely. Even having a live in caregiver may not be enough social interaction for her. Assisted living may be the right option.

Is she close to family? When children grow up, they may move away to pursue their own career ambitions and families. Over time, that distance that they spread between them and their parents may not seem like a major concern, but if your mother is alone and having trouble living on her own, and if she has expressed a desire to be closer to you and her grandchildren, for example, this could be a good opportunity to take advantage of an assisted living facility that is closer to you.

When it comes to senior care, assisted living may very well be the best option. However, live in home care is still considered the best first choice.

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