Assisted Living in Kemah, TX

Feeling useful is one of the most important elements of independence and self-esteem. This is especially true for seniors who often feel as though they can’t do anything for themselves, or so everyone around them is trying to keep them from doing anything to take care of themselves. This can quickly lead to depression and worsening physical symptoms. Seniors living in assisted living facilities, however, have the unique opportunity of continuing to do what they can to take care of themselves while also receiving the care that they need in a safe, comfortable environment designed to facilitate as active and involved lifestyle the senior desires.

If your aging loved one has transitioned into an assisted living facility, and has expressed desire to feel more independent, or is demonstrating more difficulty fulfilling specific needs, it is your responsibility to help him address this so that he can continue to maintain a high quality of life. One of the most difficult transitions that many seniors have to make is realizing that they can no longer cook or prepare meals for themselves. Because this is an activity that they enjoyed tremendously when they were Assisted Living in Kemah, TXyounger, not being able to do it in their older years feels like a major loss. It can also make them feel as though they are out of control of one of the most basic daily needs: eating. Giving your aging loved one the opportunity to continue having a say in what and when he eats will help him to feel more independent, and more like himself.

Most assisted living facilities have units that are designed specifically to meet the capability needs of each resident. This means that your loved one’s physical and cognitive abilities will be taken into consideration when determining what type of kitchen equipment will be available in his unit. For example, if he is suffering from dementia or memory loss, the assisted living facility may provide him with the unit that only has a microwave as opposed to an oven that he may leave on. Regardless of the type of equipment that is available in the assisted living unit, there are gadgets and tools that you can purchase for your loved one that can help him to prepare meals and snacks more easily and safely.

Many seniors continue to enjoy their daily cup of coffee, but making a pot is not only wasteful if there is only one person to be drinking it, but can also be dangerous if physical limitations make it difficult to lift the pot safely. You can help your loved one have the coffee that he wants, while also protecting him from burns by providing a single cup coffee maker. These coffeemakers allow for one cup of coffee to be prepared in a matter of seconds using individual pods rather than scoops of loose coffee.

Also consider the need for chopping fruits and vegetables for meal preparation. Using a knife can be difficult for a senior who has arthritis or other problems with grip. A chopping tool that allows you to place the food that you want to chop on a surface, cover it with the tool and simply press on the top until the food is chopped to the consistency that you desire can allow your aging loved one to prepare meals with ease and comfort.

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