Now that you’ve moved to an assisted living center and you have really found a way to fit in, that’s great! Someone else is cooking all your meals now, which is a relief off your mind and you’re really enjoying that part of assisted living life. But don’t forget to watch your diet! You still need to make sure you are eating appropriate portion sizes and getting the food you need for excellent health.

For example, you can lower your cancer risk through diet, not smoking, exercise and regular tests. If you are doubtful that you are eating enough vitamins C and E, then you can use supplementation. You also need fish oil; if you aren’t eating an adequate amount of fatty fish such as salmon, then you may want to opt for fish oil supplements. Vitamin D also plays a role and you should make sure you are getting enough. If sunlight exposure isn’t getting you the vitamin D you need, supplementation can work. Just consult your doctor as this is a fat-soluble vitamin and you need to be careful of the dose.

Assisted Living in League City, TXThe statistics for breast cancer among American women is that one in eight will be diagnosed during her lifetime. To catch it early and begin treatments means a much higher success rate. Despite how pervasive different kinds of cancer are among the population, it’s surprising how little the average person understands about this disease.

Generally, cancer is our own cells dividing and multiplying improperly and at a greater rate than normal. They are resource hogs, monopolizing the body’s blood supply, nutrient stores and available oxygen. In effect, they starve the normal cells of the nutrients and supplies they need.

Modern medical science has pinpointed preventive steps that are effective in reducing the risk of developing cancer. The first on this list is eating a cancer-fighting diet. This includes plenty of whole grains, lots of vegetables and fruit, legumes and fish. It means limiting the amounts of red meat and processed meats and reducing the consumption of animal fats.

Quit smoking if smoking is one of your daily habits. It’s never too late to stop. There are immediate benefits to ceasing smoking, no matter your age or how long you’ve been smoking. If you are having troubles quitting, speak to your doctor or seek out a smoking cessation program in your area.

Follow through with all the recommended screening tests for your age and gender. Exercise will help you in maintaining a healthy body weight.

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